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I have been in the manufacturing business for years, but a few months ago I realized that we had a few issues in our shipping department. Our employees were complaining about lagging computers, and after I evaluated the area, I realized that our work computers were infected with a serious virus. I called in IT support and they were able to clean up the problem, but I really wanted to learn more about repairing computer problems and making my factory more functional. This blog is all about managing an industrial retail operation, so that you can make the best profit possible.

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Shedding New Light: Electrical Lighting Upgrades For Indoors And Out

Your home or building's lighting plays a key role in personal safety and in the ambiance of your home or property. If you've owned your property for a long time without upgrading the electrical lighting, it may be time to consider some major modernization and enhancements. To help you shed some new light on the matter, here are a few ideas for renovating your property with new electrical lighting:

Secure Your Building With Outdoor Lighting

As a deterrent against crime and intruders, outdoor lighting is a must. Hiring an electrical construction contractor to upgrade your home or building with outdoor lighting is a good step. In addition to guarding your home against crime, outdoor lighting is essential for personal safety, especially in a building occupied by seniors or the disabled. Here are a few common options:

  • Outdoor Ceiling Lights: To the average homeowner, the idea of an outdoor ceiling light may be overlooked, although it may add a unique and picturesque appeal to the exterior of your home. Consider installing this on the ceiling of a carport, providing extra light exactly where you need it. 

  • Deck and Step Lighting to Highlight Your Patio: This is another outdoor area that is often overlooked. If you have a patio deck with steps, you might consider installing a set of deck lights along the stairs. Perhaps your electrical contractor will install a dawn to dusk lighting system that activates when it becomes dark outside. You might also consider step lights that feature a manual override control, allowing you to switch on the light at any time. Your electrical contractor may install these for you, or it may be a relatively easy project for those with basic electrical know-how.

  • Color-Changing Flood Lights for a Walkway or Yard: You might prefer to install waterproof Light Emitting Diode (LED) flood lights that are ground wire connected. Take it to the limit and add color-changing lighting for an attractive and unique look. In most cases, these may be utilized with a remote control. A remote controller will allow you to operate the lights from a distance, either inside the home or outdoors.

Consider Upgrading With Indoor Lighting

Whether you are aiming to create a visual appeal and ambiance, or you simply wish to create more energy efficient options, electrical lighting upgrades may provide the solution. It's a good idea to hire a certified electrical contractor to help you reach these goals and provide troubleshooting tips as needed.

Other than installing standard and wall-mounted light fixtures or wall sconces to dark areas such as hallways, attics, basements and crawlspaces, there are many ways to upgrade your home's interior lighting. Here are a few clever ideas:

  • Bathroom Exhaust Fan and Light Combination: Did you know that a bathroom exhaust fan may be equipped with built-in lights? Have your electrical contractor install a ceiling exhaust fan with built-in LED lights and a dim nightlight as well. The dim nightlight feature will offer a soft light that will allow you to fall back asleep easier after using the bathroom during the night.

  • Recessed Wall Lighting: While you may be familiar with recessed ceiling lights, you may not have contemplated the idea of recessed wall lighting. Your electrical construction contractor will need to bore holes in the wall to install recessed lights. The recessed wall lights will offer an ultra-modern and sleek look to a room. There will be no protrusion from the wall, as many recessed wall lights are held in place with the use of neodymium magnets.

    Also, you may have various options for the type of trim rings you choose. Trim rings are the decorative trim that frames the lights. Ask your contractor to install the trim rings in your preferred color or metallic finish. You might also opt for rectangular or square shaped recessed lights rather than the standard round shape.