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I have been in the manufacturing business for years, but a few months ago I realized that we had a few issues in our shipping department. Our employees were complaining about lagging computers, and after I evaluated the area, I realized that our work computers were infected with a serious virus. I called in IT support and they were able to clean up the problem, but I really wanted to learn more about repairing computer problems and making my factory more functional. This blog is all about managing an industrial retail operation, so that you can make the best profit possible.

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The Essential Guide to Troubleshooting Hydraulic Cylinder Failure

Hydraulic cylinders are an essential component of heavy machinery in various industrial and manufacturing applications. They transmit force through a hydraulic system, converting fluid pressure into linear motion. However, like any mechanical component, hydraulic cylinders are prone to wear and failure. Understanding the common reasons for hydraulic cylinder failure and troubleshooting the issues can save downtime and costly repairs. This blog post will discuss how to troubleshoot common issues and help you with hydraulic cylinder repair.


One of the primary reasons for hydraulic cylinder failure is contamination. Dirt, metal chips, or fluid contaminated with water or air can clog up the hydraulic system and damage the cylinder. To prevent contamination, you should install filters, clean and replace fluid, and maintain the hydraulic system regularly.

Seal-Related Issues

From worn-out seals to broken piston rods, seal-related problems can cause hydraulic cylinder failure. If you notice hydraulic leaks, uneven pressure, or excessive noise, you should inspect the seals and rods. Changing the seals and fixing the impacted parts can solve these issues.

Hydraulic Fluid Issues

Without proper hydraulic fluid levels, hydraulic cylinders can't perform optimally. Overheating, foaming, or cavitation are common hydraulic fluid problems that interfere with the cylinder's performance. To solve these issues, you must replace any degraded hydraulic fluid levels regularly and keep an eye on signs of fluid contamination.

Misaligned Shafts

Improper alignment of rods can result in various problems, including uneven loads, excessive vibration, increased wear and tear, and ultimately the degradation of the cylinder. It is vital to ensure correct alignment to maintain optimal performance and longevity. To mitigate these problems, it is crucial to utilize proper alignment tools, rigorously check against specifications, and ensure the secure fastening of all mounting brackets. By carefully attending to these specific details, you have the ability to uphold the peak performance and lasting durability of your cylinder system.


Overloading hydraulic cylinders can cause bending of the piston rods, seal extrusion, and complete failure of the cylinder assembly. To prevent overloading, you should use load-rated components and ensure that the cylinder's pressure and force are well within specifications.

Overall, troubleshooting hydraulic cylinder failure requires a sound understanding of the hydraulic system and the mechanics involved. By identifying the root cause and following the appropriate corrective measures, you can prevent hydraulic cylinder failure and keep your machinery running efficiently. If you are experiencing recurring cylinder failure, it's advisable to consult with an experienced hydraulic system professional to identify and solve the problem.