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I have been in the manufacturing business for years, but a few months ago I realized that we had a few issues in our shipping department. Our employees were complaining about lagging computers, and after I evaluated the area, I realized that our work computers were infected with a serious virus. I called in IT support and they were able to clean up the problem, but I really wanted to learn more about repairing computer problems and making my factory more functional. This blog is all about managing an industrial retail operation, so that you can make the best profit possible.

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Looking To Purchase Air Compressor Air Filters And Dryers? Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying

If you paint for a living, you may paint using an air compressor. This is attached to a paint sprayer to spray paint on the exterior or interior of a home. One of the attachments that you can add on to the air compressor is an air filter and dryer. This add-on helps to filter out dirt and dust that can make its way into the paint, while also helping to dry the air that the compressor uses of moisture and humidity, producing a smooth, even finish. If you are in the market for an air filter and dryer for your air compressor, here are a few of the factors that you will want to pay attention to when buying one. 

The Micron Rating of the Filter

The micron rating of a filter affects the size of the particles that it can hold and catch. The smaller the micron rating, the smaller the particles it can trap and hold. As such, consider the size of the particles that can affect the finish of the type of the paint you use and then select a micron rating that filters those elements out. 

The Number of Filter Stages

Another factor to consider is the number of filter stages that the attachment offers. The more filter stages the system offers, the more chances the unit has to filter out residue and debris. But at the same time, the more filter stages an attachment has, the slower it will blow paint. This is because the paint has to go through each of these filter stages before it can blow out. Always carefully consider the number of stages and how long each stage needs when picking an air filtration and dryer for your air compressor. 

The Lifespan of the Desiccant

The last factor to consider is the lifespan of the desiccant that is used in the system. The desiccant is the media that is responsible for absorbing moisture. Some media has a short lifespan and needs to be replaced often. Others have a longer lifespan and are able to hold more moisture. If you want to do less maintenance on your air compressor, you will want a desiccant that has a longer lifespan. 

Paying attention to all of these factors will help you determine what you need to know when buying an air compressor air filter and dryer. This helps to ensure that yours best meets your needs and produces the paint job that best meets your needs. 

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