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I have been in the manufacturing business for years, but a few months ago I realized that we had a few issues in our shipping department. Our employees were complaining about lagging computers, and after I evaluated the area, I realized that our work computers were infected with a serious virus. I called in IT support and they were able to clean up the problem, but I really wanted to learn more about repairing computer problems and making my factory more functional. This blog is all about managing an industrial retail operation, so that you can make the best profit possible.

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Essential Steps To Preparing For Gas Well Abandonment

There are many abandoned oil and gas wells spread throughout the country. These forgotten and ignored wells often leak toxic substances and greenhouse gases such as methane into the environment with devastating effects. The US government has realized the threat that these abandoned wells cause. As a result, the government has enacted strict regulations and procedures to ensure that active companies close their wells safely and effectively. If your oil and gas drilling company needs to conclude activity at a well, you'll need the help of a gas well abandonment solutions provider. Gas well abandonment specialists act as partners with your company to ensure that you remain in compliance as you undergo the abandonment process. The gas well abandonment process starts with detailed preparation. Here are the essential steps to preparing for gas well abandonment.


Gas well abandonment solution providers work with you to conduct a subsurface evaluation of your drilling site. This process allows your partners to confirm whether or not abandonment is necessary. If there is a way for your team to repurpose existing wells at a site, your gas well abandonment partners can assist with the development of a repurposing strategy. This process can extend the drilling facility's life, defer the need to decommission the wells, and save your company from unnecessary costs. Not only does repurposing save on well abandonment costs, but you retain productivity that would have otherwise been lost to the gas well abandonment process.


Once you've confirmed that gas well abandonment services are right for you, your gas well abandonment professionals can survey your drilling site to determine the nature of the well and its immediate surroundings. Your partners will perform a hazard and equipment assessment to determine the well's ease of access and egress, equipment staging, site personnel activity, terrain stability, plant and animal presence, and atmospheric hazards such as leaking fumes. This process ensures that your partners will have an accurate idea of any potential hazards and equipment standards. By combining this data with the data acquired during the subsurface evaluation, they can engineer a custom plan for how to approach well abandonment for your particular drilling site. This plan will ensure that the process is performed quickly, safely, and within the realm of regulation compliance.


Non-compliant gas well abandonment is a serious concern throughout the US. To avoid safety and compliance risks, contact a gas well abandonment service provider. They can provide more information regarding gas well abandonment solutions.